Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mr. Snappy

Well, Mr. Snappy did his job, and he did a fine job.

Yesterday, we (and by 'we', I mean *I*) discovered that another mouse had been snatched up into the iron grip of one of the new Mr. Snappy traps that I laid out the other night. Straight across the neck. I'm sure Mrs. Squeaky didn't feel a thing. She has been properly buried, in a nice plastic Safeway casket, entombed in the faux marble stylings of the interior of our Rubbermaid Trash Can.

I sure hope this is the end of our rodent misery.

Today is Nate's last day of school... at his FIRST kindergarten.

I took in Starbucks to all the teachers. The rooms look so bare. They're all getting ready to be done. The walls are empty, all the art has been taken down, and once the cookout happens at noon, it'll be all over but the shouting... oh, and the commencement exercises this evening.

Yesterday, I screwed up my courage, and had Kelly track down Nate's "new" kindergarten teacher at the public school. How embarrassing that I didn't even recognize her? I felt (and looked) like some pushy new parent. "Hello, are you Miss Archer? My son will be starting in your class on Friday. I thought I better meet you and let you know what you are getting into." Yeah. Don't I look like the veteran.

But I hashed it out with her, and she looks like a lovely lady. I offered to pull Nate from the class any time that she thought it would be awkward for him to be in there (whether for him, OR for the rest of the class), as I'll be working in the library for the rest of the school year, getting it ready to either (a) reopen in September with new stock, or (b) shut down in September, when we find out that we don't have Library Funding, and our librarian gets the boot for good. She's already been given a pink slip, but it's an "interim' one, that could be revoked. I'd HATE to live like that, but such is the state of education in our state, that it's common practice. One of the Aides was in the library yesterday, and she said "oh, I'm just used to that. I've been "fired" 5 times now. Yikes! How can you live like that, and not go crazy???

Turns out that I have to meet ONE MORE Kindergarten teacher, though, as Miss Archer team teaches with another teacher, and it will be this OTHER teacher that Nate will meet on his first day of New Kindergarten tomorrow. Great. I hope the other teacher is as nice and roll-with-it as she was.

I have a video that I am DYING to show y'all, and youtube is being a putz about uploading it.

I have half a mind to go down to Ken's work and DEMAND that someone high up the food chain there find someone in charge at Youtube, and kick some Youtube butt. I want my video on that site, DEMMIT!

Of course, it might be a problem at my end, as my ISP keeps dropping me.

Oh, and joy of joys, our broadband internet is being cut off at the end of the month. Seems Sprint is in the bad books of the FCC, and is no longer going to be able to do satellite internet. Whoopsie. Time to go make nice-nice with the folks at AT&T. Just so long as I don't get Antonio, the telemarketer who knows nothing at AT&T, again.

I started knitting a piece of lace with some apple green Malabrigo lace-weight merino. For you Ravelry types, or anyone who wants to see what I'm hoping to re-create, you can look here.

Photos should be coming soon. I've only had to frog it once. Apparently, I can't count to six.

I am also knitting a garter stitch baby kimono in Peaches & Cream dishcloth cotton. Shades of turquoise. Makes me wish I was a baby, so I could wear it.

Well, laundry's in the machines, the mouse is in the trash, the dishes are piling up in the sink, and it's time for me to head to the library to get that whipped into shape before going to Nate's year-end cookout.

Mmmm. Cheeseburgers on the grill. NO wonder I'm not losing any weight in the weight-loss challenge. Well, ok, I've lost 4 pounds, but that's nothing compared to some of my competitors.

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