Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remodel Day 28. Peeling.

I will admit it here. Freely.

I cannot leave well-enough alone.

I see a pan of brownies with a few missing? I'll take a knife and just "even out the line a bit". You know, to make the edge straight and tidy.

I break a nail? I'll pick at the rough edge, trying to "smooth" it until it's down to the quick, and I don't have to worry about whether or not to do a French Manicure.

I had to stop cutting my bangs. Why? Because I'd do the "oh, it's a little shorter on this side, I'll just cut a bit on this OTHER side, to even it up!" Yeah, you can bet that THOSE haircutting sessions went really well. I'm surprised I haven't driven myself to explore therapy!

Hangnails? Oh, don't start! They're not SMOOTH! So I snip at one, or pick at it, or scrape my fingernail over it, just trying to get it to 'lie flat', and the next thing you know, it's probably started bleeding.

And I think we don't even need to START talking about peeling sunburns...

Oh. The other day, I hot glue-gunned the living daylights out of my ring finger. And I thought this big white dangly bit was the glue, so I... (look away now, if you're squeamish)... PULLED ON IT! And took off a good chunk of the side of my finger. Turns out it was the blister that I pulled off, NOT the glue.

So this next story should come as no surprise...

When the guys put the new floor in the downstairs bathroom, they put a teeny tiny little ding in the wall. Chipped a WEE bit of paint off.

Look! It's hardly NOTHING! I could cover it with my finger. In fact, if I had nothing better to do with my time, I could just do my impersonation of the Little Dutch Boy, and keep my finger in the dike, and stop the flood.

But I'm not good at Leaving Well Enough Alone.

It had a rough edge.

I flicked at it with my finger nail...

Well, CRAP!

Ok, I can't just LEAVE it like that. I'd better peel off those pieces of Toasty Grey paint...

(had to step back, as it's getting too big to fit in the view-finder...)

Our Beloved Contractor came over the other day, and took a peek at the lovely flooring job. And then he squeaked a little bit when he saw what I'd done.

And then he called the Drywall Guys.

They've got a big job to do in the kitchen next week.

They'll just have a little bit extra to do in the bathroom.

And then he said "They can't do their job until all the loose paint is gone. But you'll kill yourself if you do all this peeling with your FINGERNAILS! Here.. have the Proper Tool"

And can I just say that this new tool? it's my new favourite thing!

Just think what it could do to a sunburnt back?

Oh, and for the record?

The apple?

It doesn't fall far from the tree.

"Hey, mom! This is even MORE fun than washing dishes in the laundry sink!!!!"

We should be finished peeling by the weekend. Drywall Guys start on Tuesday.


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