Monday, May 03, 2010

826 Valencia

Today, I was driving a field trip for Nate's class.

I went to bed last night so stiff, I thought I wouldn't be able to walk in the morning.

Or turn my head. Yeah, that'd be fun for the driving around in the city. Boo-yeah.

But the more I thought about it, the more I thought "Tough it out. You've gotta do this one. There are NEVER enough drivers, and you have no idea if anyone else at school got sick over the weekend, and was therefore incapacitated."

(And sure enough, whatever sick it was that was running rampant in the school last week managed to smite a family in Nate's class, complete with a Field Trip Driver.)

But I got up this morning feeling a whole lot better than last night. Yeah, it felt like I was swallowing knives and sand, and merely standing up or sitting down made me feel like I was ascending into the heavens in an aircraft (hello, popping eardrums!), but that's nothing a little medication can't kick to the curb, right?

We had to do a bit of re-organization, once we realized that we were down a driver, but in the end, we were still ahead of schedule when we arrived at the venue in the city.

Truly, it was a great field trip. Or at least, I think it was...

Now, tell me, what's worse than having a kid get sick on a field trip?




Well, I've gotta say that this morning was not one of my finer moments. We had barely gotten into the space, when I discovered a lovely pillow-covered couch that was just calling my name. I think I probably slept for about 3/4 of an hour. Just long enough for my car to use up all the time on the meter (yes, 1-hour maximum parking).

I scurried out of the place to re-load the meter (shhh, I couldn't find any other parking spaces, so I just made sure my tires weren't marked. I was sick! Sue me!) and run to the corner store for a giant can of iced tea. Hello caffeine and sugar, my old friends.

The kids seemed to love the event. They all got into the writing of the story.

(I know, they might look bored, but the VERY NEXT photo has them ALL with their hands up in the air. But of course, I was trying not to fall over from dizziness, so I missed the focus, and it's just a big blur)

Having an illustrator right there to draw pictures for the book was pretty sweet, too!

Then, once they'd written the story right to the cliff-hanger...

(aha! Now, in a real cliff-hanger, I'd stop writing here, so you would WANT to find out what happened! And that's a good idea, because I'm tired, and I need to lay down. Like Right. Now)

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