Thursday, May 20, 2010

Concert Weekend

It's time to put away the tuxedo and black formal attire for another season.

Ken and I just returned from singing our final concert of the year. This time, we were singing a joint concert with a choir that is about 3 times as large as ours. And we were packed in like sardines.

Or maybe I should say "they" were packed in like sardines.

You see, I *cough cough* am recovering from *cough cough* what may-or-may-not-be Pneumonia. So I sat out the bits where everyone was crammed together and could hardly breathe. And I may have picked up my camera once or twice.

That really was a magnificent organ.

The one piece that was so much fun to watch (but I didn't sing it, because I had missed a number of rehearsals), was a piece by Eric Whitacre called "Cloudburst". Hmm. I think it might be on Youtube... lemme check...

I wish I'd recorded ours. It gave me goosebumps during both concerts. But here is a recording of the composer conducting it.

I was too much of a chicken to take out my camera during the show.

But now we can take a break. No more rehearsals, no more concerts. At least until the fall. And I promised that I would photograph our conductor at the next concert, as the other choir had their own concert photographer with a big f/1.4 lens, getting in the way, and shooting photos left and right. Any excuse to rent another lens, right?

Did I mention that Kelly returned from Outdoor Ed?

And that she'd been turned into a pirate while she was there?

Ahr! When can I go back?

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