Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The beginning of the quilts

I went in to the school this morning at recess. I hoped that Kelly had been able to spread the word to the classes to come into the library and sign their squares of flannel. I would have hated all my work at 6am this morning to have gone to waste. (why yes, I did get up at 6, and find that I actually had a bit of energy, so I got all the squares cut for the signature blocks)

I laid everything out on one of the library tables, and crossed my fingers.

Oh, that table does look lonely, doesn't it?

But not for long! No sooner had the bell run than the doors nearly burst down with the onslaught of 5th graders.

It was like grand central station for ten minutes.

And then they vanished.

But they left behind two nice piles of signed 5-inch squares of white flannel in their wake.

After school (and a wee nap), Kelly and I got down to work.

Here are the browns we'll be using for the borders and the back:

And here was the first lay-out that I tried.

But it wasn't particularly cohesive, so I started moving things around.

But what should go in that top left corner?

Oh right... there is one more body in the classroom....

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