Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Frog Killa

Well, Nate's buddy returned from vacation, and the family came over yesterday afternoon to retrieve all the pets that we've been babysitting.

Or rather, they collected all the pets... minus one. And that would be the frog that drowned on his first night in our house.

I was feeling a little bit guilty, but hey. What can you do? He was in his cage. I didn't touch him, or poke at him, or sic the dogs on him, or anything. He just got into his water, and drowned, from the looks of things.

And then the boy (older brother of Nate's buddy) says "Oh, that's why I got two of them. I kind of thought they were so little that they might not both make it." And then I felt WAY better. I am not a Frog Killa after all.

I'm surprised that the frogs lasted as long as they did, actually. Because as soon as the guy saw his frog, he rinsed his hands (you've gotta make sure you don't have any body oils on your skin, or any soaps or other chemicals), and then picked the frog up and played with the wee little guy.

I always think that the little guy is going to break out into a rousing verse of "Hello my Baby!" in this shot. Like the cartoon frog in the old Bugs Bunny shorts.

And then, if I had any doubts that the frogs were living life on the edge, this happened...

It was fun having the frogs, but I'm glad that they've gone back to their rightful home.

Kelly is not so happy, though.

She was really starting to get used to having the anoles.

And Nate? Well, he's just had too much exposure to these creatures that defy gravity and climb up the walls of their cages.

Froggy climbs the glass:

Nate gets ideas...

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