Monday, May 10, 2010


OK, I had major plans for getting stuff done around the house this morning.

I had the entire quilt laid out on a flannel sheet in the living room, and thought "Hey, I'll turn on the TV and let Jewel watch the Kratt Brothers on National Geographic, so he'll feel like he's at home." So I turned on the TV, and it was the Ethiopian Wolf episode, and I guess I peeked at the TV a bit too much, because all of a sudden, I was laying out the nearly-done quilt, and realized I'd DONE IT ENTIRELY WRONG!

Argh! I had to pick out a TON of seams.

But now I'm putting the back on the first of the quilts, only an hour or so behind schedule.

I'd probably be a bit more on the ball if I hadn't just dipped into the batch of un-baked shortbread cookie dough in the fridge. I'm still a bit woozy from the Cough That Will Not End, and all that butter and sugar is putting me into a coma.

On Saturday, I went out with the family at sunset, and we hit a lovely marshland park, looking for birds.

I'd rented a big long lens for the Special Olympics, and wanted to get my money's worth by shooting some animals.

Alas, all that was really hanging out in the mud was a bunch of seagulls.

But the kids had fun running around.

And then we found a pond...

And there were a few more birds there. Even if they were just seagulls and pigeons.

I think the 200-500mm lens is almost TOO zoomy. I found that I wasn't really using it at the long end, even though I traded in the POS monopod, and replaced it at a real camera store with a nice professional grade one.

I had to switch back to a regular lens when I found a huge number of big snails climbing up into the marsh grasses. I'd never seen anything like it.

I'd love to go back there, but since yesterday, the weather has taken a dive, and I don't have any sort of rain gear for the camera. I'll just stick around inside the house, and try to put the clutter in order.

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