Thursday, May 06, 2010

A night on the couch

This cold/flu/pneumonia/whatever is really kicking my butt.

Last night, I found myself dozing off before 9pm while watching DVR'd shows that I'd been meaning to catch up on. And once my show finished, I just sat there like a zombie. Even Skip was concerned. When he came home from kung fu, he came over to me, and gave me a big hug, which, from a 15 year old stoic, is really something. After he'd had his shower, I told him he could watch his show, but I was going to stay on the couch (I'd put Nate to bed early, while Kelly and Skip were both out at their respective evening activities, and had every intention of going to bed myself, but I am cursed with the "Let me do just this one last thing" virus, and had ended up running the dishwasher, getting laundry going, printed out the lead sheets for Band (Skip is playing with Ken and I on Sunday - I guess it's some Mother's Day thing they're going for. It should be fun), and working on the Bollywood costumes for Nate's 2nd grade class, before I finally crashed onto the couch).

I'm not sure when the droning background sounds of "Mythbusters" faded away, but Skip kept telling me that maybe I should be going up to bed. But I knew that every time I lied down I'd start coughing (oh! The core workout that I am getting with this set of coughing! It is amazing. I am going to have no belly-fat, and 6-pack abs at this rate... either that, or I will (once again) cough myself into incontinence, but let's draw a curtain over that eventuality), so I said "I'm going to probably have to sleep down here tonight. Sitting up. Don't worry about me. You can watch whatever you like..."

I don't know if he watched anything else, but I drifted back to sleep, and had some crazy war-time dreams, only to drift out of sleep and realize that Skip had switched over to playing Modern Warfare with the sound way down. Well, that would explain the dreams.

Ken came home fairly late (he also had an evening meeting - I'm feeling like the left-behind person in the family. Nate and I had nothing going on last night - which probably is a good thing, actually), and chatted with Skip, then got him going up to bed.

So I ended up on the couch, once I'd downed a cocktail of decongestants, cough suppressants, and fever reducers.

And I didn't notice another thing until 6:45am, when Skip came down to the kitchen to sneak around having his breakfast and making his lunch.

We'll see how well I do today. I really need to get over this thing by tomorrow. Kelly is working at a Special Olympics Sports Day tomorrow, and I'm driving her and 4 friends up to the event. I'd also like to get my act together and go rent a really long telephoto lens, so I can get some of those "Sporting Event" types of photos while she's working, and her charges are competing.

But for now, I just need to get through today. And that involves making ten more Bollywood sashes before I leave for school.

So I'd better get going.

Today's photo:

Have any of you experienced the wonder that is Sprinkles Cupcakes?

Well, Nate's class got to experience that joy on Tuesday, when, as a reward for the entire class eating ONLY healthy snacks all the previous week, the teacher went and bought a Sprinkles Cupcake for each of them. (oh, and I may have had one myself, but there's no photographic evidence. Neener, neener) Each child got to pick their own flavour. Nate got a Cinnamon Sugar. It was like the most heavenly moist and delicious French Breakfast Puff on the planet. I may never make puffs again, because this cupcake was SO FREAKIN' DELICIOUS.

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