Tuesday, November 02, 2010


After school, Nate and i picked up Kelly and her friend Adria, and we went off on an excursion to the local public library.

As I was leaving our neighborhood, I had to pull over for an ambulance coming into the neighborhood, escorted by a couple of police cars. Hmmm. Very interesting. It ended up turning into the large open space Cross Country track that's very close to our house. There's a big cross country meet happening (nearly every day, this time of year), and the road was a little bit clogged with cars, and buses. The kids and I speculated as to why the emergency vehicles might be coming to the cross country meet. I think I need to curtail Kelly's TV watching. Her idea was that one of the runners might have smuggled a knife into the event, so that he could poke anyone in front of him, and take the lead. It beat out my idea that a rattlesnake had struck one of the runners, and Adria's idea that someone puked.

When we finally made it out of the neighborhood, there were no parking spaces at the local public library (and a bunch of folks trolling in the parking lot like giant contestants in a game of musical chairs), so we went off to the not-quite-so-local library, where there were tons of parking spaces.... if you were voting. Fortunately, there were also a few scattered spots for those of us who are not allowed to vote.

I love the library.

I took out a bunch of Enola Holmes Mysteries (they're juvies. Great short reads.) and Nate checked out a bunch of Calvin and Hobbes. The girls went online to find their homework (how very progressive!), and got a bunch of work done, and then we checked our books out and headed for home.

Coming back into the neighborhood, we met a few fire trucks going the other way, and a couple of police cars. That's a pretty long time for emergency vehicles to be loitering around our house, I must say. And then I noticed that there were choppers in the sky.

At first, I was thinking "Maybe helicopter-flying lessons? Maybe the traffic copter?" and then I thought my second guess was right, because I could see the little "2" on the side of it. Hmm. What's up? And then I saw another chopper with a "7" on the side. Interesting.

Of course, there's no whispers of what's up online. What good is the ability to instantly search the collected writings of the universe in a nanosecond, if I can'f find out who's writing about what's happening in my neighborhood RIGHT NOW?


There it is...

One Hospitalized At Belmont Track Meet

KTVU has received reports of what San Mateo County officials were calling a "mass casualty incident" in Belmont where athletes participating in a cross country meet were being treated for heat exhaustion late Tuesday afternoon.

One person was reportedly transported Stanford Medical Center and an additional dozen teens were treated at the site. There were upwards of 15 emergency vehicles visible at the scene in footage shot by NewsChopper 2.

The high school students were competing in a meet being hosted by El Camino High School.


A mass casualty incident????

And I drove OUT OF THE AREA, and went to the library, when I could've been there WITH MY CAMERA!!!!!

Oh well.

If you've seen one kid puke in the bushes, you've seen them all.

I suppose the fact that it was over 80 degrees out there (in NOVEMBER? What's up with that?) probably had something to do with it.

Oh great.

Ken just called.

He's on his way home.

Said he had a little excitement on his way to work...

He was rear-ended.

This is messing with my zen in a big way.

But he managed to make someone's day in a big way, because when they pulled over to the side of the highway and got out of the cars, the other guy was already apologetically presenting license and registration and insurance stuff, and Ken just looked at his bumper (intact, but scuffed) and said "Do you really want to report this? Have a nice day." I bet the guy didn't believe his luck.

Good. Grief.

I just looked at the papers that came with my prescriptions yesterday.

Insurance sure saves you a ton of money.

Yes, the Zpack was only $45, and I only had to pay $10 of that, but the Advair?????

That thing will set you back nearly THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. At two puffs a day, it'll last you a month.

Thank you, expensive insurance, for saving me $269. I probably only had to pay ten times that in premiums this month.

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