Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday: Kung Fu

Saturday was a pretty busy day.

First, we had that trip out to the beach, so Kelly could go riding.

Then, no sooner had we come back over the hill into town, than it was time to head to Kung Fu.

It was a special morning:

They were getting ready to line up at the end of class...

...when someone's name was called...

Nate! Come on down! (you can see Skip in the background. He's a brown belt now)

You're not going to be in this class any more. Your blue belt is finished.

It's time for your promotion.

Congratulations, New Red Belt! Now show us what you can do!

And now I have to go back to the schedule, and find out when the red/brown/black belt students have their classes. JUST when I got a bit of a routine down, too.

On the up side, Skip and Nate can now go to the same class on Saturdays, when red/brown/black belts both junior and adults work out together.

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