Monday, November 22, 2010

Laundry, Library, Lens

This is my morning.

I have got to get stuff done.

And with a mnemonic, I am so much better at remembering.

So here's my morning:


I did 5 loads over the weekend, but didn't fold or sort anything. So far, I've folded 150 pieces of laundry (Why yes, I *do* count them when I fold them. I'm WAY too ADD otherwise, and I'll end up folding 1 or 2 things, and then see my feet, and say "I wonder what happened to those blue shoes that I used to have" and the next thing you know, I'm rifling through my closet, looking for shoes from 1997) When I count as I fold, I keep on task. And it makes me feel more of the Family Martyr when I can sit down at the dinner table and say to the children, "While you were dancing around at school, playing with your friends, I was folding EIGHTY FIVE pairs of underpants, so you won't have to worry if you get hit by a bus this week..."

Anyways. So... 150 items folded so far. Still a load in the wash, and one in teh dryer, and socks that aren't paired up (but that's Skip's job now). And I'm ironing. Three shirts down while on the phone with J-jumping, who is back from Bolivia with a butt-load of stories to tell, and 5 shirts to go.


I'm getting those stern automated phone calls from the library about over due books. I'd better get my act together. And I borrowed 2001: A Space Odyssey for Skip to watch last week, and forgot it was a 7-day loan, so that's gotta go back, too. Probably 25 things that need to go back. And when I finish at the library...

Lens! is having a Thanskgiving week sale where if you rent for 3 days, you get the item for SEVEN!

So I'm gonna head down to their World Headquarters, and see what's leftover. There's a lot of mail-order business, so I'm just going to be gleaning from what wasn't picked up. It looks like the weather should be nice by Thursday (it's bright and sunny now, but it's supposed to be raining until late Wednesday), and it would be fun to send Kelly off on the horses on Thursday morning before the giant food-fest that will be Thanksgiving supper at our house.

I'm thinking the Tamron 200-500. Nobody seems to be renting that (at least it never seems to be unavailable on their web site)

But before I get to go play with camera gear, I still have shirts to iron, and laundry martyrdom to attain.

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