Monday, November 01, 2010


So I went trotting off to the doctor this morning, and the first thing they did when they saw me in the reception area was to run at me with this:

And then I got shuttled back into the warren of exam rooms right away, and was ministered to by a very caring nurse, who told me that I had VERY good blood pressure, and VERY good temperature... not a fever at all. Just 99, which was really not high at all.

Except that i usually run around 97.5, so it is a bit of a low-grade fever.

Oh well.

The doctor was great, and we get along so well, it's kind of a shame that I really probably won't see her again for 3 years, as she isn't in the 'see me every year' camp, for healthy patients.

She listened to my lungs, and watched my face flush, and the sweat break out on my forehead, and then she said "You need drugs"

Boo yeah.

So I now have a Z-pack of antibiotics. I've had those before (both times when I was pregnant... and let the record show that I am NOT currently with child)

And I have a ProAir inhaler. This is to open up my airways, which are all inflamed and closed up like some poor asthmatic.

And lastly, I have ANOTHER inhaler, this one's Advair. I looked it up. it's for people with COPD. Great. And if I don't quickly rinse my mouth out with water after i use it, I could get THRUSH! Argh, that just sounds SO awful.

But I should start feeling better in the next couple of days when the Z-pack kicks in.

And now it's time for Dancing With The Stars.

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