Monday, November 01, 2010

H'ween Redux

OK, chide me now. I did get up at 6 Friday morning and make Beaver Tails for Kelly to take to school.

Really, though, I was getting up at 6 because Nate had this mountain of homework that I felt guilty about because I'd had his backpack in the van the night before so he couldn't do his homework, and I didn't want him to miss out on any of the Friday festivities. He got himself up bright (ok, dark) and early, and was working on "writing a poem about a celebration in your family", which sounds fine, unless you factor in the next phrase, which says "Use the words from your spelling list", and they're words like "always", "until", "cannot", and "for".

So, I may have cheated a bit and said "Hey, a celebration in our family usually involves Beaver Tails, so let's write a Beaver Tail poem", and then I sort of dictated something to him. Of course, there was the expected melt down when my first two lines didn't RHYME, but then I introduced him to the cheater's paradise of 'free verse', and told him it was basically just writing down 3 or 4 words on a line, but still writing what you'd write anyways. Heh. It went something like this:

I can't wait

For my birthday.

Beaver Tails!

We always make

Taste treats for a celebration.

They are really sweet

I cannot wait

Until my birthday.

Beaver Tails!

(underlined words are from the spelling list. I was pretty pleased with myself)

Anyways, the Beaver Tails got made. Kelly got decked out in her H'ween costume, Nate got his costume into a bag, Skip made it out the door with Ken, and we all lived pretty much happily ever after. Except that I just wanted to go back to bed.

Which I did, after dropping Kelly at school, heading back to Nate's school, and distributing the Healthy Living Water Bottles to all the students before 9:30.

But I got up again before noon, and went back to school for the H'ween parade and ensuing festivities. Even though another dad in the class scooped me in the "Class Yearbook Coordinator" position, I'm still going to be on the hook for filling in any gaps in the yearbook, as the woman who's putting the yearbook together this year has never done it before, and I helped out quite a bit with last year's edition.

I got to school, and the class mom saw me with a camera and pounced, "Oh! The guy who said he'd do the yearbook didn't even get his volunteer paperwork cleared this year. Technically, he's not allowed on campus except to pick up and drop off his kids. Would you take photos for us just in case?"

Happy to oblige, I thought.

And so, 569 photos later, I left the campus. Exhausted, but satisfied.

I've now set up an online repository for any photos from school this year (I'm getting smart in my old age), and anything and everything that I photograph (or that someone photographs, and then forwards to me) is going to go on that site. It's actually (again!) but under a different account.

So here are some school highlights.

Wow. Some of the kids (parents) went all out on costumes!

And I would write more, but the doctor's office just called me back, and they want to take a look at me. Turns out when your husband has pneumonia, and you call your own doctor and say "I have a cough that won't go away", they take you RIGHT in!

There is more to write. Gotta show off Kelly's costume. Gotta show off Skip's! You won't believe it. Especially if you've played any MineCraft.

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