Thursday, November 18, 2010


So, the tile that I put in the back of the van yesterday is rattling around, and making quite the racket.

Skip is still home from school today.

I had a meeting this morning, and got there early, so thought I would make use of the extra time, and get in a little exercise, so I went for a walk in the hilly neighborhood... and lost track of time. Ended up semi-lost, with 3 minutes to make the meeting.

I was late. But everyone got a good laugh at my expense when I arrived.

I tutored at Nate's school, then pulled Nate from school early (half days, anyways for conferences), and went over to Kelly's school to sell ice cream during their lunch hour. Something is up between Kelly and her (former) best friend. I just hope it's the speed bumps of middle school, and that things will smooth over as they get older. But right now, it's awkward with a capital AWK! on the playground. Ah, girl drama, how we loves it.

Nate and i got home around 1:30, and had a little lie-around with Skip (whoops. I forgot to phone the school today, and just got a call from the High School District about his 'uncleared absence'. Ahem. Delinquent!) and watched Top Gear until it was time to go get Kelly and Gail (her friend that I take care of on Thursdays).

Well, that tile was rattling around so much that when the girls got in the van I said "You guys up for a detour?"

And off we went.

Gail had never been to the Horse Camp ranch, so Kelly got to give her a bit of a tour once we unloaded all the tile left over from our remodel.

Oh look, you can see Kelly's blue hair, too. Not the best shot of her, but she was having SUCH a great time with the horses.

The ponies KNOW that we have treats. (photo not uploaded yet - I had to use the phone camera today, and I'm having some connectivity issues) But it takes a while for the horses to believe what they're seeing.

And oh, Eddie. What a sweet heart you are. it's like the very light of heaven shines down on you.

Hello, Samurai. You smell the horse oatmeal cookies and carrots, don't you?

And so what if Kelly still has a mountain of homework... she got to have a surprise visit with you guys, and that makes it all better.

The weather was amazing.

I think it's going to be atrocious by the weekend, so I'm striking while the iron's hot.

Bye bye, fuzzy friends.

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