Sunday, November 28, 2010

Small Business Saturday

Just wanted a little record of the fact that I managed to squeeze in a trip to my favourite yarn store yesterday, and that I now have 4 different balls of yarn that might be appropriate for me to knit my mother a boob for Christmas.

The lady that helped me at the yarn store had never heard of a thing, but became very enthusiastic when I explained what I was doing. She even was able to make several recommendations of yarns that I might try for making a perfectly itch-free version.

So. Small Business Saturday. I hope that my little purchase helped to keep at least one Small Business afloat this holiday season.

There are a few other places I would have liked to go, but I was limited by errands that were required. And besides, I shopped at those places on Black Friday instead:

So here's to you, Toque Blanc in Half Moon Bay. Thanks for your great customer service, and for having exactly what I wanted.

And here's to you Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel. You also had a nice assortment to choose from.

And Crystal Springs Produce. That was a great price you had on passion fruit. I hope it's ok that I bought out your stock.

After I get lunch cleaned up, I hope to put photos up here of the yarns that I got.

(and wouldn't you know it? When I got home, I started decorating the house for Christmas, and the first box I looked into had three skeins of yarn that were completely appropriate for knitting a boob. It's a knitty-boob bonanza! If I could just get down to business, my mother won't know what hit her when the mail arrives in a few weeks.

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