Friday, January 27, 2006

10% off One Full Day of Shopping

Jim will be by between 12:30 and 2:00 this afternoon to ferry Squeaky to his final rest.

in nomine patri, et squeaky, et spiritu sANTi, amen.

Apparently I sing too much in Latin these days. That joke came out WAY too easily.

Nate's invited to a birthday party on the weekend.

Kelly's been invited to come along, as Nate's buddy has a big sister in the same grade as Kelly (just not in the same class at school, but they play together on the playground).

That'll be THREE parties for Kelly this weekend. Her own birthday bash on Saturday, Nate's buddy's party Sunday early afternoon, and Kelly's classmate's big birthday shindig at a Party Zone Sunday night.

Oh, and did I mention that we're hosting a big Gung Hay Fat Choi party at our house Sunday night? Nice planning on my part there.

Yeah. Start the whirlwind social schedule early, why don't we?

So much birthday present-itude and goody-bag shopping needs to be done before tomorrow.

Cue the Magical Target One Day Discount Card music.

Oh, and don't forget to take Skip to sc:hool for 7:40's band rehearsal. And it's Whacky Socks day, too, so Kelly wants to wear a dress.

Made 2 trips to school before 8:15, as a result. One, earlier for Skip's band rehearsal, and one later, once kids were allowed on campus at 8:15 to drop of Kelly. (Yes, even though Skip's required to be there at 7:40, there isn't playground supervision, and the big signs everywhere say 'No children on campus before 8:10'. I haven't figured out what's up with that dichotomy.)

Then straight to Target to use my coupon (for the first time today?)

Snagged a couple of Take-Along Thomas thingies for Nate's buddy's birthday party. Hooray for clearance toys. Oh, and what gift is complete without a book? Got a nice copy of One Fish, Two Fish to go along with it.

Got another book. Not gonna talk about it. It's a 'surprise' for someone. Heh.

And paint me with sucker paint, I went in the small appliance aisle, and laid eyes on a real, honest-to-goodness deep fryer. We've been using our electric frying pan just far too long. It's always treading on the fine edge of 'danger, Will Robinson', and I wonder if one of these days I'll burn down the house, and then I had to think that "woot! it's on sale, AND I can use my 10% off coupon..."

Yeah. I went in looking for a small gift, and zip-lock bags for the kids' lunches, and I came away with a truckload of stuff.

Oh good grief. Nate just came up to me complaining that his NEW trousers were broken...

Broken? Oh no they weren't.

He'd taken a pair of kiddie scissors to them, and cut a big giant V in the thigh of one leg.

He's now having a nice long time-out, sitting on his bed. Grrrrrr!

Did I mention that Squeaky is going away for good today?

And there's not an ant to be found in my kitchen.

Well, not a LIVING ant to be found. There are these sorry little shrivelled carcasses EVERYWHERE.

I could be cleaning them up, instead of farting around online.


I've decided that I'm not knitting as much as usual because the brass needles that I borrowed from my mother are completely frictionless surfaces, and I'm freaked that I'm gonna drop the angora yarn right off them, and will be unable to pick up all the lace-like stitches.

Time to find some nice wooden ones to replace them. Maybe shorter ones, too. The brass ones are almost as long as my arm.

Yeah. That's why I've been a non-knitting sloth.

The black currant Frutips pastilles are all gone, today.

It's time to head off to the oriental market and stock up again.

I've gotta get shrimp chips to deep fry for Sunday, anyways. And some more wonton wrappers for the rangoons and soup.

And now I'm hungry from all that food talk.

Oh wait. I forgot to have breakfast. That might be why.

Jeepers, this entry was all over the place.

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