Saturday, January 21, 2006

Skip Makes Money

Skip Makes Money 1/21/2006
Skip's had this President Report hanging over his head since before Christmas.

I do believe I ranted on about it ruining our weekend last weekend. (well, ok, it didn't ruin the weekend. My sinus infection seemed to be doing that all by itself)

Anyways, this weekend is the LAST weekend before the infernal thing is done. Due on Thursday.

So it was time to get down to biz.

The report consists of three parts. A written report. A "puppet". And an oral presentation, given BY the puppet.

I saw the puppets from last year. Mostly of the paper lunch sack variety. At first, Skip and I talked about making something out of clay, seeing as Lincoln is on Mount Rushmore. I was envisioning something like Buster from Between The Lions. Yeah. Me with my grandiose ideas.

And then Skip started writing his report, and his conclusion about "What would be different if your president had not been elected?" would be?... and I quote:

"Someone else's head would be on the penny and the five dollar bill."

And the internal wheels were in motion. Wouldn't it be SO much easier to make a penny puppet? Or a dollar bill puppet? No clay to futz with. No drying time. No sculpting required... All I'd need would be foam and fabric. And that would mean going to my favourite fabric store...

Carved. In. Stone.

Did Skip have a say in it? Well, let's just say he THINKS he decided on the money-puppet.

So today was designated a Money Making Day.

First, he helped dad blow up an image of the bill to the size he needed. Then he taped it to the window, and taped a piece of money-colored fabric over top. Then the "art" began.

He signed his own name as "Treasurer of the United States"

Then, once all the drawing was done, I did a little finishing of the edges, and iron-fused it to a pillowcase-type thing that Skip and I had made last night while watching Reptiles on TV.

To finish it off, Skip hand-sewed the edge shut, after filling the pillowcase with two pieces of 1-inch foam.

He's a regular Betsy Ross, there.

And le voila! The finished product.

(yeah, yeah, like you didn't know his name wasn't really Skip)

His hand goes up through a break in the sewing right under Abe's tie.

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