Friday, January 20, 2006

Thankyou Notes (repost)

Thankyou note 1/20/2006
My folks sent Kelly a little parcel in the mail.

It arrived today. Just in time.

Inside the mailing envelope was a pad of paper with kitties on it, and a small box containing a silver necklace.

Kelly was tickled pink. Her first "real made out of something expensive" jewelry, and a note pad just like the one Nonie (my mom) has in her own kitchen. So of course, she sat down right away and wrote a thankyou note.

Dear Nonie
Thank yoU
for The Kitty
Shitt, and The Reall shlver necklace
and a card

Um, I think that was supposed to be 'kitty sheets'

I think her grandmother will understand.

She did write the note on one of the kitty shits, after all.

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