Saturday, January 21, 2006

Saturday Shenanigans

Saturday Shenanigans 1/21/2006
OK, I've already written about the money-making, puppet extravaganza. I will move on.

But can I just say that I thought the most hilarious bit was that Skip fully thinks that the BIG deal about "what if Abe Lincoln was never president" is that someone else would be on the penny?

Yes. I said I was moving on.

Nate was up in the MIDDLE of the night. I thought my head was going to explode as I went to go get him and help him get to the potty.

This is why 42 year old women should not have babies. I swear, I could NOT do it if we suddenly had a newborn in our house. I'd have to be put away.

But... I got up. And took him to the potty. He's been in underpants for 2 weeks at night, now, and, knock on wood, hasn't woken up in wet pants or sheets yet.

And just... JUST as I was crashing back into bed, imagining that it must be 2am at the LATEST...

My alarm went off.

Oh man, I think I cried just a little bit at that.

Mega errands were run by moi.

Ken got a signed copy of Jimmy Carter's latest book this week. (yes, another perk of New Hip Company. Retired presidents just pop on by for an afternoon of chatting) It's Dad's birthday on Monday, and Ken is HOPING that he can get the book to his dad in time for the birthday festivities. So me being the Good Wife, trucked down to the post office and stood in line to mail it. Just me and eleventy thousand of my closest friends.

While I was out, I snagged goodies for the treat bags for Kelly's party next weekend. I think the girlies will not be disappointed by the swag.

Oh, and I had to get iron-on fusible fabric binding, to get Skip's Lincoln puppet finished. And while I was in Joann's, I just HAD to look around. Egads, someone stop me. At least I stood my ground, and never got a basket or a cart. That would've been the death of me. As it was, I still spent nearly $30. All for a $1.99 roll or Steam-a-seam.

And could I take this moment to shake a virtual fist at all the idiots that were out driving around in the rain today? Sheesh, nobody. And I mean NOBODY knew how to park, or how to act like an adult in the parking lots. And where did ALL those people come from? Yikes.

A quick stop at Petsmart on the way home. Gentle's in desperate need of a cage-cleaning. Ooh. Look at all the cool modular cages that we could have instead! Her aquarium DOES have a nasty crack along one wall. And it really doesn't have great ventillation.

OoH! A purple one.


Oh well. Let's call it a late birthday present.

I got home, and thought I'd go up and set up the new cage in Kelly's room.

I walked into her room, and, just as I was cleaning off her dresser for the new cage, Kelly said "look! This book has ants all over it!"

Ants? Did someone say ANTS?


And that was the beginning of a 3 hour room deep-cleaning and re-arranging. I found exactly ONE open candy on her bedside table. And it was SEETHING with ants. I bet I vacuumed up a pound of ants. OK, maybe not quite that many. But I found lines, and lines, and LINES of the little suckers. They were EVERYWHERE on the carpet, and all along the baseboards, and coming up through a crack in the closet.


But now, Kelly's room is all rearranged, and better organized, and while she wasn't looking, I cleared out a bunch of stuff she really doesn't need any more. Stuffed animals that have no real emotional tie to her, and could move on to new homes, that sort of thing.

And did I get Gentle's new cage set up?


That goes onto tomorrow afternoon's list.

The RE-cordion continues to be a huge attraction.

Skip's getting quite good on it.

I wish he'd spend as much time on his new Schumann piece, though. Maybe if I let him play THAT on the accordion...

This week, I'm going to throw away/give away/otherwise divest myself of one hundred pounds of excess stuff.

You read it here first.

I will take pictures. You'll see.

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