Friday, January 20, 2006


Kellymas 1/20/2006
First, some pictures from Kellymas Eve:

She decided she wanted to open her "Far Away Gift" for Kellymas. It was something that one of my lovely OD faves had sent.

(notice the clever covering of the sending and receiving addresses? that's what you do when you don't have Photoshop)

Ooh! Look! It's wrapped on the INSIDE, too! (and as a side note, this was the only gift she got that was wrapped in actual "birthday" paper. All our gifts are wrapped in recycled Christmas/Hanukkah paper. What? It's blue and white. My younger kids wouldn't have a clue that it's actually for something else... and oh, the sale price you can get it for!)

Ooh! The delight. Her set is complete.

It's Prince Aidan, and he quickly comes out of his package, so he can fly away with Princess Anika on Princess Brietta before she gets turned back into a girl.

A most successful evening.

And then the birthday present bash this morning.

Ken slept through his alarm (not surprisingly. He was up until who knows how late, reading the new Tad Williams book), so he stuck around for an early present-opening.

And there was much to open;

But of everything that was opened (sparing you the play-by-play, and the interminable photos of children in a sea of ripped paper), the biggest hit was...

The "recordion"

Kelly opened it early on, and by the end of the gifts, Skip had figured out how to play Happy Birthday on it.


And then quickly off to school in her new sweater

Which is where I need to be in eleven minutes. And the beaver tail dough is still kneading in the mixer. I'll be making those this afternoon to bring in to share with her class.

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