Saturday, January 28, 2006

I guess they didn't get the memo

I guess they didn't get the memo 1/28/2006
Today's the big day.

Kelly's Awesome Birthday Bash!

I've got a list as long as my arm. So of course, last night, I stayed up until an unearthly hour, sitting on the couch, with the TV droning in the background, playing Paint By Numbers on the laptop. And then Kelly climbed into bed with us around 2. I can't remember if she was scared, thirsty, or just too excited about today to sleep well. And I know she went back to her room, because she wasn't in bed when Nate came in at 7 to tell me it was day and that he couldn't get his socks to 'be smooth'. But Nate was in bed with us at 7:30 when Skip came calling to see if he could play on the computer. I was awake enough then to say that life didn't start in this house until after 8am. SO he was back at 8:01am, asking again. I sent him down to get breakfast for himself and Nate (who gladly forgot about his un-smooth socks and toodled off after Skip), and then come back and ask again. And when he came back to ask again, I told him to get dressed first, and then ask again. And when he got dressed and came back, I told him to get all his dirty clothes out of his room into a pile in the hallway, and THEN come ask again... and by then I was awake, and reluctantly left the confines of my warm soft bed.

Good grief, morning came early.

I got all caught up on my reading, though. Nobody updated after 2am last night. Go figure...

And then I thought I'd be a good wife, and make coffee for Ken.

Get the coffee out of the freezer.

Open the new coffee maker (the old one finally breathed its last, and has been consigned to the deep. (That'd be the garage, where Squeaky had already pooped on it, before meeting HER demise). It's one of those fancy-pants metal insulated carafe thingies. All sleek and black. Woot. So I filled the reservoir with water, and scooped the fragrant grounds into the filter, and got ready to hit "start", when I noticed movement.

Good grief!


(You'll notice how I said AN ant. As in ONE ant. A single, solitary life.)

I guess she didn't get the memo that all ants had to go into hiding because Jim was going to bring his supervisor with him if the ants came marching again.

I flicked that sucker off the rim of the filter with a mighty wave of my omnipotent (to ants) finger.

And then I saw more movement.

Double eek. Another ant!

I pulled the filter out, and there were THREE more of those suckers inside the filter holder. Cheeky little creatures.

And then I noticed there was an ant on the outside of the insulated carafe. The brushed aluminum carafe. How dare it leave footprints!

I pulled out the carafe, to flick that little cretin down the drain, and that's when I shrieked like a girl.

Honestly, the carafe was SEETHING with ants. They'd all taken refuge INSIDE the carafe the last time Jim came with his Spray Bomb of Death, and were hunkered down in there like good little kids in a bomb shelter during the cold war.

100 ants would be an underestimate.

And to think I came THIS close to just flicking that ONE ant, and turning the coffee maker on.


The coffee would've been full-bodied. That's for sure.

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