Thursday, January 26, 2006


Snap! 1/26/2006
I'll be giving Jim The Ant Killer (and Mouse Despatcher) a call in the morning.

Seems he was barely out of the subdivision before little Squeaky decided to do the rounds in the garage.


Fortunately, I wasn't around when the trap snapped. Or if I was, nobody heard it.

Good thing. Kelly had a little girlfriend over for a play-date. I'd have hated to explain the carnage, should the girls have been the unfortunate ones that found the remains.

When I came home just now from Kelly's gymnastics class, we came in through the garage. Just as a lark, I glanced over to where one of the traps had been set.

I nearly shrieked with surprise when I saw two little bulging beady eyes staring back at me. Seems the snap-trap hit Squeaky on the neck and nearly pushed his eyes out of his head.

I think I'll let Jim handle that one.

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