Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday, 4am. aka "TRADITION!"

A few weeks ago, Alton Brown visited Ken's work. He may have made some comment that of course we are going to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, because anyone who doesn't is a Commie Pinko Anti-American.

Love the guy.

But I still didn't make a turkey this year.

Maybe that'll get me deported?

But you should've been there yesterday for the succulent beef tenderloin that we took out of the oven and laid out on the best china platter. Yum. Who needs a knife, when the meat practically cuts itself?

Anyways, there will be photos of the carnage later, but for now, I am trying to blend in with the rest of America, and make up for my "Lack of Turkey" Faux Pas.

Yes, it is that peculiar Tradition of Black Friday.

It's getting to the point where I can't count the number of times I've been heading out the door at O'Dark Thirty. I find it quite amusing. And I've never been subjected to the angry hordes (ok, there was that one year when I made the mistake of going into Toys R Us, but we've moved on from that). It's part of our family tradition.

Toni and her family come over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner. We have a great time, the two of our families, and we eat like kings. Then, once the dishes are done, we sit around the table with our second (or third or fourth) dessert, and pass the flyers around the table (part of my Thanksgiving Tradition is to go to a local gas station on Thanksgiving morning, and pick up a local paper with its gigantic insert of sale flyers) while the kids run off to make their Christmas Lists. (oh, another entry for that, for sure. I died laughing at the Christmas Lists this year!). Toni and I make our "plan of attack" for the morning, and the kids shriek about what they really hope we'll be finding. Then everyone clears out early, and we head to bed, because 4 am comes around pretty early when you're as old as we are.

This year, we're pushing back a little bit. Toni got hit with The Flu on Wednesday, and is still a little shaky on her feet.

So I've got time to write this entry while my Starbucks' Doubleshot kicks in.

Oh. Look at the time!

Those sales won't wait all day.

Have a fantastic "Digestion Day" and enjoy the leftovers, peeps!

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