Thursday, November 05, 2009

Memory Lane 5. Centennial


Raise your hand if you remember Canada's centennial.


OK. But it was a big deal. Especially in the smaller towns. And I was still living up North, in a town known for fishing, canneries, and drunks.

But when they partied during the day, it was FUN! And look at all the COOL cars in the background.

It's funny. I look at that photo, and I don't really see my dad. He's about 60 pounds heavier now, but still svelte (he was a skinny wiry boy, he was, in his early years with the Mounties). I see Skip a bit in his face, and the openness of his gaze. And I see Kelly in my little blonde-fringed face.

I guess there's no fighting against genetics. You get what you get.

Happy 100th Anniversary Canada... July 1, 1967,

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