Monday, November 02, 2009

Memory Lane 2. Wedding Follies

OK, so this isn't *exactly* a picture from MY past, I want to tell the stories that have been handed down. I want my kids to know the stories of their grandparents and great grandparents. And where better to start that at the wedding of their grandparents, my folks:

Yes, my dad was a Mountie. Mom was a nurse. But that's not why I posted this.

Anyone notice anything about the picture? Do you want to tip your head a little bit to the left to make the people all line up, and not look like they're going to fall over?

On my parents' wedding day, the BEST and ONLY professional photographer in town showed up to their ceremony DRUNK.

He took a few photos, and then FELL ASLEEP during the actual service. And then, in the gardens when they were having their portraits taken, he couldn't get level. There are only a few photos that were salvageable, where everyone is even *IN* the frame or the shot was even in focus. Mom says that back in the day, it used to make her want to cry, but now it just makes her laugh. Dad was pretty upbeat about things, from the looks of this photo, and in my imagination, he's probably making whispered jokes about the inebriated state of the photographer, or telling his two guys (also Mounties) that they should do a DUI stop on the guy as soon as he leaves the wedding. No wonder the wedding party looks like they're getting ready to crack up laughing.

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