Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just shoot me now...

I just got off the phone... and I would like to die.

Yesterday, I took Kelly out for a bit in the afternoon, and we ended up in one of the little local down-town strips, in an independent bookstore. Kelly is on the prowl for this series of books that she started reading earlier in the year, and I *KNOW* that I could just go on Amazon and get the whole lot of them, probably for a good deal cheaper than the local bookstores can sell them, but you know? They're my Local Bookseller, and I kind of wanted to give them my business this Christmas.

So I asked at the counter if they had this one particular book. And the lady said they didn't have it in the store, but I could write it down, she'd look for it online, when their computers came back online (their internet had gone out, and they were having to do everything manually that afternoon), and she'd give me a call. Kelly was very careful to write everything down, and make small talk with the cashier (they were pretty empty, seeing as it was Black Friday, and wasn't everyone and their dog out shopping that day? Come on, people, go spend some cash at Mom and Pop shops!), and they got on famously, and then we left, and I wondered if I'd get a call, or not.

The store just called.

"Hello! This is Lorraine from the bookstore! We talked yesterday. I have the information on those books....







Cue me fainting while still on the phone, and making a mental note to get a face lift and have my hair cut and coloured.


Could you just shoot me now and put me out of my misery?

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