Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Memory Lane 11. Birthday.

I probably should be leaving *my* memories here, but, truth be told... I don't remember much about this day, 45 years ago. Mom and dad phoned me early this morning, and, after a hilarious a-tonal choral rendition of the Happy Birthday song, she recounted a few more details of the time surrounding my birth. I think we were in very dear peril of suffering an "overshare", but mom pulled it out at the last minute,. Heh.

Anyways, here's the photographic trip down Memory Lane for today.

45 years ago tonight, in fact.

I do kind of wish that there were babies in the bassinettes beside mine. Apparently, I was a bit of a moose-child. But being nearly 10 pounds will do that. Yes, it's true, my enormously large children come by their birth weights honestly.

But put me up against a grown adult, and I look positively miniscule.

And while that wall behind my dad's head might look tilted, it's not. My folks lived in an attic during my early years. The walls ALL tilted, and my folks got good at ducking.

Well, it's nearly lunch time, and I've invited my kids out for my birthday lunch at THEIR favourite restaurant. Yes, it's fun being a mom.

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P and D said...

Where are your December posts lady?

Thank you SO much for your standing offer. You really are so very sweet. Gentleknits! Love it!

I appreciate you not forgetting me! :)