Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remodel. Day 10.

I was leaving the house (for the second time before 8:30 this morning - hello, I'm turning into the crazy lady who forgets her cell phone everywhere) when I saw Maurice and Louis rolling down the street towards our house. Ooh. I wonder what they'd be doing in the house today.

It would be nearly 3:30 before I'd find out.

I came home and saw this as I was driving up our street:

Eek! I didn't know that we were getting the dumpster today! I better rush inside and get things emptied out. I know they were going to (eventually) clear out the laundry room and downstairs bathroom. I sure hope I can get one more load of laundry done before things get cleared out...

Oops. Guess not.

So much for doing extra laundry. But hooray! The nasty linoleum was gone! I'd better get a box and empty out the cabinet under the downstairs bathroom sink...Oops. Too late.

Ken had come home early (to go with me to Nate's school conference), and when he came to the school, he said "You've gotta see the big hole they cut in the middle of the kitchen floor!"

Oops. Too late. Already been and done.

Fortunately, they hadn't demolished any more of my kitchen cabinets. Egads, I'm so far behind now. I've gotta do some concerted efforts tonight and tomorrow morning, so my beloved Work Crew can do their Building Magic, rather than clean up after me, so they can even START their own work. I'm still a bit mortified that they had to box up my emergency stash of Feminine Hygiene Products, and my Far Too Large collection of liquid soap (wouldn't want to run out... before 2015)

Ah, there's the washer and dryer. Oh, but they're not hooked up. Just nice to look at right now.

And tomorrow? We'll be finding more things to go in this box:

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