Thursday, March 26, 2009

Remodel. Day 24. Windows arrive!

Nothing much happened today. And that's a good thing. Kelly went back to school, even though she was probably sicker today than she was yesterday (when I kept her home, and we lounged around on the sofa, watching Dancing with the Stars and eating bonbons).

Oh wait. Maurice and Louis were here in the morning, while Kelly and I lazed around like Ladies of Leisure. They finished the cement board on the floor, and also finished framing out for the little-sink that will go on Ken's new baking center.

But then 4:30 rolled around, and Andrew pulled up with PRESENTS! He was carrying a pencil and hairspray (but not for my fabulous hair-do, nope. This was to draw the cabinet lay-out on the floor in preparation for the plumber's arrival tomorrow) So now we've got a bit of a rough-out for what the kitchen will look like.

And More Presents!!!!

A door!

And two windows!

Whoops. The big window was already put away when I figured out that the camera wasn't working because I still had the lens cap on.

Yes. Some days, I am made of SUCCESS!

1 comment:

JennyM said...

You had nothing for "cobsit"?? It took me 2 seconds.

That's an Old Amish beatdown. Like, umm, when Elmer Freidberg is pissed at Willem Vogel, he pins him and they ram a corn cob up his , well...hence "cobsit". His mother said "oh dat poor Willem, he can't move, he's got the cobsit".

And "fracks"? Perhaps I do watch too much sci-fi. But it's sooooo frakking good!!