Monday, March 30, 2009

Remodel. Day 25. Plumbers and a window.

Ack! I'm falling behind again.

Time for the quick-and-not-terribly-eloquent, just so I stay on track.

Friday was Remodel Day 25.

Bright and early, two charming young Irish plumbers showed up with Our Beloved Contractor.

My husband has forbidden me from calling them "Leprechauns".

But honestly! They sounded Just. Like. Lucky!

They got right to work. One of them worked on getting the baking center piping moved into position...


And the other one was getting the main sink plumbed, and fixing the gas line to the stove, so that there's an accessible gas turn-off switch.


They were so good to clean up after themselves, but they turned off the gas while they were working in the kitchen, and we didn't notice that the furnaces hadn't come back on until about midnight on Sunday night, when the house dropped to a nippy 54F.

Later in the afternoon, while I was doing the 3-kids-to-3-events shuffle, Our Beloved Contractor came back to the house, and put in the smaller of the two kitchen windows.

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