Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remodel Day 9.

Remodel Day 9 was yesterday. But Snapfish was having an epileptic seizure, so I couldn't upload my photos. So you get it a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short. Although I'm going to be MANY dollars short, if this whole "oh no. Looks like we're going to have to do THIS first...." comment gets played out any more times. But I'm getting ahead of myself.




Good grief. I've already forgotten.

Oh! So here's what the front room looked like yesterday.

I love my Red Paper flooring (with Blue Accent!). I think I should just leave the paper down. It'd be easier to clean... it gets dirty, and I just rip it all up, let Nate make paper airplanes (millions!) out of it, and lay new paper.

And don't you want to just curl up in this chair in the sunbeam and read a book? It's CAT HEAVEN!

I even enjoy the heating vents. They'll blend right in!

In the Family Room, Maurice and Louis were busy laying down all the 1-inch plywood sub floor, so that my giant porcelain tiles wouldn't shatter and crack if the floor flexed.

And they finished pushing the Kitchen Floor out into the Family Room by 18 inches.

Against the back wall, they built out the kitchen wall into the family room, where, eventually, there will be a deep cupboard above my NEW DESK! It's for my "Camera Garage" and will have hidden electrical outlets, and places for all my electronic gear. Go Go Gadget Secret-Hiding-Place!

And they were very kind, and turned a blind eye to all my PILES OF CRAP laying everywhere.

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No-omi said...

That blue tape? You see it? How bright it is? That's the color our "muted mediterranean blue" was when we slapped it on our living room wall back in August. Yeah, I cried. Just a little.