Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Remodel. Day 2.

By the time the guys left today, the sub-floor was all in place, and a few oak slats had been installed, just to check on how well the new floor will meet the old one.

People, it was incredible. Those new boards butt up against the old ones like they had ALWAYS been there. So smooth, there's not even a tiny edge. Yeah, the colour's not close, but the re-finishing will make everything The Same!

Our contractor came over after supper to check on a few last things before he pulls all the permits at the city office tomorrow. He brought his daughter, so the girls had a little impromptu play date while we looked at paperwork, and watched him check the moisture content of the plywood and the new oak slats.

Looks like the wood's dry enough to lay down the oak tomorrow. Woot!

Did I mention the tile we've chosen? Say goodbye, poo-tiles!

Say hello, new porcelain tile. Looks great. I think we'll be doing 18 inch square tiles, set square. Diagonal or brick-work just seemed to be too much work in too small of a space. Here's a small sample of the tiles. They really made the cabinetry for Ken's baking center just POP! And they go really well with the cabinets for the rest of the kitchen, too.

I laid down my rings when I was taking photos of the old-floor/new-floor, trying to get a sense of scale, and then I realized that when I blew up the photos, I could see the writing inside my rings. I can't see it any more without glasses. See? Anyone wanna guess at what the letters mean?

Somewhere, there's another photo with the date showing. 26-8-89. And the date is reflected in the shine down on the New Oak Flooring. That was cool.

Jones the Jeweler in Vancouver. I wonder if he's still in business. My mom remembers her friends getting their engagement rings from Jones back in the early 60s. She was a little nostalgic when we had our wedding rings made there.

So tomorrow. Tomorrow the Salvation Army truck comes to take nearly half a garage full of furniture and odds-and-ends. I'll clean up the furniture that remains, and wrap the piano with a drop-tarp so no more sawdust ends up inside the piano workings. And then I need to make 50 pancakes, for a Flapjack Fundraiser at school on Friday morning. And while I'm doing that, I think that Maurice and his crew will be laying the oak floor. This is actually happening. And so far (knock on wood) it's going smoothly.

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