Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remodel Day 27. Windows and window shopping.


I'm almost caught up.

Monday, bright and early, Maurice showed up and started getting to work on putting in the door and big window in the kitchen.

Our Beloved Contractor arrived about a half hour later, making sure to make lots of noise as he came in through the garage. Hah!

Ooh. You can see the great copper piping job under the window, there. Those plumbers really knew their stuff. If only they'd turned the furnace back on. I've still got a chill...

And while Maurice and Andrew got to work, Ken and I took the Littles (Skip was still asleep) out on an excursion to look at potential counter tops.

(What? Didn't YOU have yesterday off, too? Cesar Chavez, patron saint of California school children everywhere... everywhere that their teacher unions vote to take his birthday as a holiday, that is.)

So yesterday, our destination was DaVinci Marble, to look at slabs.

Ken had the cupboard door samples, and I had pieces of leftover floor tile.

Look! Fossils!!!!

And look how WELL they match the doors and floors!

Alas, the fossil slab is marble, and we've had a few people go absolutely NUTS, freaking out about how High Maintenance marble counters can be, and how you have to Treat Them Every Year!, and how they're So Freakin' Fragile!

And I won't deny that there was a bit of sticker shock...

But it was So Incredibly Pretty!

Much prettier than the soapstone that DaVinci carried, that's for sure.

Here. Let's take a closer look...

What's not to love about these fossils!!!

Help me out, peeps.

What would you do?

And then we got home, and the windows and door were in.


Oh whoops. The window/door manufacturer didn't include any of the hardware that I'd picked out.

So right now, we've GOT the door, but we just can't OPEN it. No worries. It's miles better than the plywood sheet that was there before. It'll all work out in the end.

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Brenda said...

Hey! I can comment now - sorry it took awhile to get back!

I think you're a rock-lovin' family, and fossils, marble, - it is made for you!

My dream countertop material is wood. Mmm..