Friday, March 13, 2009

Remodel. Day 11. Morning

The tile has arrived!

I got home from taking the kids to school (and helping with the Recycling fundraiser, and dropping off the class Scholastic Book Club order for Nate's class), and Maurice and Louis (M&L, from now on) were in the driveway, and my friend Toni had just pulled up in front of the house. She was coming over to hike in the hills with me, and M&L looked like they couldn't get in the house. Oopsie. I guess I should've given them the garage remote code.

But within a minute M&L were in the garage, busily emptying their panel van of all its goodies (cement board for under the tile), and Toni and I were off on our hike.

*huff*puff*huff*puff* I am out of shape.

When Toni and I got back (around 9), we sat down with tall glasses of water, and watched the men work. They're such efficient and capable guys. I want my kids to watch them. Maybe some of their industriousness would rub off on my kids (and on me, too. That'd be great. Especially as I need to clean my bathrooms today)

Then Maurice vanished for a bit, and I heard the sounds of a diesel truck outside.

Quick! Grab the camera!

*beep beep beep*

Yay! It's the tile!

I took a shot of the guy loading the pallet of tile in the garage, but I think it kind of freaked him out a bit. He got all worried and asked if he'd hit something, or if I was taking photos of damage...

And then Maurice laughs, "Oh no. She has the camera ALL the time. She takes pictures of EVERYTHING!" and the driver loosened up considerably. "Oh MAN! My wife is the EXACT SAME! Always taking pictures!" And then we were old friends. He'll be coming back next week, as he only dropped of about half of the order.

I had made coffee, so we went back into the house for M&L to get their cups, but before he went inside, Maurice took his box-cutter out, and took the plastic wrap off the pallet, so we could see the tiles.

Eek. They're rustier than I'd remembered.

But then, while M&L were having their morning caffeine hit, I took an entire box of tiles, and laid them out in the driveway.

Ooh. I think I'm in love. And look! It's like watching the clouds go by. Do you see the 'ancient cave art' cow in the bottom right tile? And the guy screaming in the bottom left rust tile? This is gonna be more fun than watching tee-vee!

And just think! It's not even NOON yet! The day stretches ahead of us, with wonderful possibilities.

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