Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remodel. Day 13.

Ken's friend Ken had just received a 10% off coupon for Home Depot, so after church we joined him at the local Home Depot where he bought a few things for himself, and we piggy-backed on his coupon (and his credit card) and picked up a new vanity for the downstairs bathroom, a medicine cabinet, and a faucet.

And then when we got home, Kelly wanted to break into the paints.

I had 3 quarts of paint. Three colours that we'd initially thought went well with the tiles, when I was looking at the tile in the flooring showroom. I don't know if any of them will end up in the finished product. But it was a fun way for Kelly to spend the afternoon.

Hey! Weigh in on these.

We painted all of the "right" colour first. Four patches in four different parts of the downstairs.

Here, Kelly is painting the 'center' colour.

Golly, I can't get over how BIG that room looks when there's no furniture in it. Hey! I wonder how much the kids would complain if I made them keep all the Family Room Detritus up in their rooms.

Here, Kelly is painting the "left" colour, and you can see all three on the wall by the laundry room door.

Here are the same colours (well, the first two. Kelly hadn't painted the 'left' yet) in the front hallway. The light is so different there. Can you believe that the wall the paint swatches are on is exactly the same colour as the wall behind the stairs? Amazing what different light from different angles will do.

So, any opinions? I'm staying with the white-white trim, I think. The 'center' colour really vanishes in the family room, but looks quite nice in the front hall.

Anyways. Weigh in. Any idea on a 'different' colour that I should be looking into?

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sparkli said...

i'm terrible at picking paint colors... i really dont think i could ever trust myself to pick paint, even for my own home! i was allowed to pick my bedroom color as a kid... think bright/crazy teal. LOL it was awful lol practically glowed at night :)