Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just like Claudia

Warehouse 13 is a big staple of our entertainment, here at the Parker House.

We started watching it when the pilot came out, and we just love the blend of science and poppycock.

Our kids are pretty hooked, too.

Especially Kelly.

She has developed some of the mannerisms of her favourite character, Claudia. She models her language after her, and I'm thrilled that Claudia is a computer hacker/science nerd. The cute little colored stripe in her hair is pretty fun, too.

When we were doing our back-to-school shopping, we ended up in a Claire's store. And they were having their 10-for-10-dollar sale. I'm a sucker for a sale, so I soon had a little basket full of jewelry-trinkets at bargain basement prices. But look over here, against the wall... there are little clips with fake hair on them. Fake locks of funky-colored hair.

And I realized that THAT is how Claudia changes her hair color every episode.

And then I realized that I could have a whole lot of fun, and Kelly could have a whole lot of entertainment, with a three dollar hair piece.

So we bought a stripe.

Kelly tested it out when we got home, and I cut it, so it was the right length for hiding in her hair, and not hanging out down below her hairline. And when she asked if she could wear her 'new hair' to church on Sunday, of course I said Yes.

On the way to church, Ken texted me, asking if it was possible for me to pick up a coffee for him. He was rehearsing with the band, and hadn't had time to make coffee before he left the house. So we made a pit stop at Starbucks, me with my coupons, and Kelly with her new pink hair stripe.

Kelly ordered a kid's cocoa, hot, and I ordered a tea.

Mere moments later, the barrista was calling out "Kids cocoa for Claudia?"

Kelly's ears perked up. What are the odds? But this "Claudia" was an older woman with long dark hair. "Oh!" she said, "Is this an extra hot? I was hoping to get a cocoa extra hot"

"No problem" said the barrista. "I can toss this, and start again."

I interrupted. "We're expecting a kid's cocoa, and we could take this one, and you could have ours, and have it custom made, if you like. My daughter certainly doesn't mind having someone else's name on her cup." Kelly was wiggly with glee. She would never have thought she'd be walking out of Starbucks with a pink Claudia-esque hair stripe, AND a Starbucks cup with Claudia's name on it.

I think cocoa has never tasted as sweet to her, as that one drink did, that she sipped out of her "Claudia" cup.

It almost makes me want to look into letting her get an ACTUAL pink (or blue, or purple) stripe put into her hair, just underneath the regular stuff, hidden from view (mostly). Maybe when the chaos of back to school is over...

And look... and entry without a photo (taken by me). Better get back to writing the travelogue episodes before I forget that I ever had a summer vacation.

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