Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Horse Camp

Ah, horses and the beach. Is there anything finer in Kelly's mind?

She was in Horse Heaven!

The first few days were foggy and grey, and the temperatures never got out of the 50s, but that didn't put a damper on her fun.

Oh, Mr. Ed, the humiliation!

The first day, she rode the Big Guy. Someone else was riding her favourite little pony, Eddie. I think it's good for her to ride as many of the horses as she can. It expands her experience, and makes her have to pay more attention.

She wasn't completely impressed, though.

(or it might have been the fact that I didn't pack her a lunch, and her tummy was already grumbling before they'd even set out on their 2-hour ride... Whoopsie. Good parenting, there, mom)

Yup. That's the angry stare of a hungry camper...

Good thing I'd gone to get groceries while they were on their ride. And then she was happy again.

Blood sugar. It's a good thing.

I also may have bought a 10 pound bag of carrots. Eddie, he's a carrot blood-hound. He KNEW that Kelly had a carrot when she came into the pasture at the end of the day, and he was bound and determined to make it his.

Eventually, he had to share the carrots with Smokey and Cassie.

The big news of the week was that the ranch got in two new horses. And Kelly got to name one of them.

Hello, Caspian (the one with the wide blaze) Will you usurp Eddie's place of prominence in Kelly's heart?

The last 2 days of camp were stellar. The sun came out! I think it's been foggy and overcast for nearly the whole summer, except for that very first week that the girls did camp. Cold. And the fog is so thick that you think it's raining. I was worried that it would be murder on my camera, and had to keep it hidden under my sweater when I was out there, otherwise, it'd acquire a thick coating of tiny wet dots.

But the last two days! Heavenly!

And a special treat, when I went to the beach to photograph the girls on the horses...


And even...

A *baby* porpoise! He was swimming with his mother in the middle of the pack. I was wishing that I'd rented the 200-500mm lens, because this shot is at 125mm. Just think how much closer I could have gotten!

But I'm not at the beach to see the aquatic mammals. I want to see the equestrian ones!

Got a little vintage-photo action going on here. Love it. May blow this one up and frame it, actually.

By the way... Mom? This was the best week EVER!

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