Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Winding down that first night

By the time we left the pool that first night, I was crashing pretty hard. We'd had snacks, and a bit of groceries to eat, but when we got back to the suite, we realized we really didn't have food for the morning. Ken, hero that he is, offered to go find a grocery store. I probably would've driven straight into a ditch if I'd gotten behind the wheel of a car.

Oh! I knew I forgot something.

Kelly discovered that it is a hoot and a half to stand on Skip's shoulders when he drops down under water, and then spring off of them when he comes shooting out of the water.

Nate watched, but he couldn't be convinced to participate. Too scary for him. But fun to witness.

Sometimes they worked better than others.

But each time, they were a ton of fun.

The wind picked up a bit, but it was still so nice and warm, that walking around after dark in a wet swimsuit wasn't a hardship at all.

And when we got home, we discovered that we had a pet!

We hung out while Ken went shopping. It was nice to just unwind. I loaded up all the photos from the day onto Ken's laptop, and didn't even miss the fact that I'd not brought my own computer. Who needs it? We're on vacation! Do we REALLY need to travel with 3 laptops, four ipods, and three cell phones? I don't think so.

Ooh. And there are my rented lenses on the end of the counter. Or rather, ONE of the rented lenses. I'm using the super wide-angle one to take this photo of the ENTIRE living room. Bedrooms are off to the right, and behind that big orange wall. And out those french doors is a patio with a fire place.

Yeah. It was a hard knocks life. I just wish we could have stayed a little longer.

I crashed before the kids were even in bed, I think. I'd been up since 4am. It was time to sleep.

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