Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Van Cheer!

I just got a call from the mechanic/auto body place.

Homer is fixed.

The grand total?



I was talking with Ken last night, and he said "oh! Remember our friends Mark and Chris? They had an Odyssey just like Homer, and they had the EXACT SAME THING happen to their van, didn't they?"

So now I'm going to be taking the part that was taken out, and taking it over to Honda to see if there's been recall issues that I don't know about, or any warrantee work that should have been done. Maybe I can get a bit of a break from them, that I could pass along to my new favourite mechanic and auto body place.

Kind of makes me wish I drove an old clunker, so I could become a loyal customer of this 'we fix old cars, and do body work when you rear end people when you're watching the horses intsead of the road' place.

Just waiting for Toni to come and pick me up at home. I walked Nate to camp today. He wanted to ride his bike. Yikes. Three miles of hilly roads? I am SHOT! I got home, and ended up on the sofa for three hours, catching up on my Covert Affairs backlog.

And now I feel like a zombie. or a slug. I've done nothing today. And Ken has his game group coming over tonight, and I need to figure out what to feed them. Hmmm. Some sort of supper that doesn't make their fingers sticky or greasy, so they don't wreck any of the board game pieces. I'm thinking pasta salad. Pizza has been done to death with this group of guys. They have it every time the group meets at the other organizer's house. (and hello? Isn't pizza the ultimate greasy-finger supper?)

I need to get back into writing up the Travelogue before I forget what we did.

And I need to finish planning my Palm Desert excursion for this weekend. I kind of feel like renting a lens, and having some fun in the desert. But what to rent? Maybe a giant zoom, so I can find the bighorn sheep on the mountain ridges? Or a macro lens, so I can take close-up shots of all the Eloides beetles that should be scurrying across the sand. And SCORPIONS! Maybe we'll see scorpions! A macro lens it is!

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