Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten True Things

Ten things.

1. Today is our 21st anniversary.

2. Last year at this time, it was our 20th anniversary. Many people mark such milestones with grand celebrations. We marked it by registering Nate and Kelly for elementary school, as the day happened to fall on the night-before-school-starts registration night at our school. Where, I might add, I was manning the Library Volunteer table by myself. Ken came to sit with me for a bit. It was very romantic. But I was tired, because I'd spent the majority of the day driving back from Canada by myself, seeing as Ken and Skip had to fly back to California so he could start high school before Kelly was finished with her Canada camp. It was a pretty chaotic summer, as I recall.

3. Ken accidentally let his Boardgame Geek group schedule their game night for tonight. At our house. In his defense, the talk and planning emails were all "Thursday the 25th" business, which made him think he was good to go, our anniversary being on the twenty-SIXTH. So the big brown table is surrounded by aging nerdlings counting off die rolls, and speaking of the ramifications of 'failing to take the Blue One, or the Orange Two". Oh! The drama!

4. As a result, we will be once again, "taking a Mulligan". Ken has reservations at a local steak house for tomorrow night.

5. My mom just called. I thought she was calling to wish us a Happy Anniversary. Well, she was, but she also wanted to apologize for telling me that she just found out that... she has cancer.

6. My mom has cancer.

7. My mom has cancer.

8. My mom has cancer.

9. My mom has cancer.

10. My mom has cancer.

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