Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Travelogue part 3. Girl Camp

Sunday, it was time for the girls to head off to camp.

We went to my parents' church, which is a lovely place, homey and comfortable. The people we meet there are always surprised when we say we were the first couple to be married in the church, because they just know us as "the family that visits from California". And let's all sing "It's a Small World", because the pastor's parents go to the same church back east that my BFF (since college!) goes to. And no, American friends of mine, that does NOT prove the rumor that all Canadians know each other.

Anyways, we had a lovely time, and then a lovely lunch at this new Thai place on the west side of the lake, where the owner asked if he could be given free rein, and then produced a meal for the lot of us that was superb. He then (it was a slow lunch time) came over, after the meal, and talked our ear off about human trafficking and the modern slave trade, and gave my folks a bit of fodder for looking into some unsavoury practices that are being carried out right in their back yard. I'm pretty sure my dad will put his Mountie friends onto the scent. And if anything comes of it, I wouldn't be surprised if mom and dad get a free meal or two, as a thank-you from this restaurant owner.

Anyways, then it was time to pack up and head to camp.

We were the first to arrive. So we got to play around before things got rolling.

Hello, rope swing!

Hello interesting ring-thing

What a versatile device you are!

I swear, every year, she and her camp BFF look more and more alike:

It's a pirate themed week. Can you tell?

They'll have a grand week.

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