Monday, January 24, 2011

Dailyshoot update

I have been keeping up with the prompts.

Even I don't believe I've been able to go for more than a week without fizzling out. Good intentions paves the way, and all that.

Here's the recent activity:

#7: Triangular composition. I mentioned that I used the shot of kelly and Nate and the sparklers. It was a stretch, but I was tapped out by the time I got around to processing the day's photos.

#8: Path. I used the path to the beach, with Kelly and Nate running off into the distance, meeting the waves. I've already posted that here in "meanwhile, back at the ranch"

#9: Low. We went to the beach again, and I ended up going with the double meaning. Both a low point of view, and a 'low blow' as I made my friends who are shivering through an atrocious winter storm see ANOTHER photo of the beach.

#10: Monochrome. Laziness prevailed, as I just pushed myself away from the desk and pointed the camera out the family room door close to sunset.

#11: Stripes: The Peninsula Orchid society show was this weekend in Redwood City. Kelly and I went, and she bought her first orchid from the fellow who grew it from birth (or from seed, or from fluff, or however those things come). he was a new vendor this year, and grew the orchids in his house, and he gave her a lot of great information, and helped her pick out the best one of his stock. So this was my submission for 'stripes'

Although I also posted this shot, of her with her purchase, or as she likes to say "Mr. FlowerPants".

#12: Beauty. This was tough. You were supposed to photograph "the most beautiful thing you see today", which is so open for interpretation and hard feelings "you took HER picture, but not MINE? Do you like her MORE than me? Whose are you going to put as the MOST beautiful?" or the thought of "This is a great photo, but I'm sure there are more beautiful things to see" bla bla bla.

In the end, it was getting late, and i just went for the beauty that I see when kelly is taking care of her pets. How she's turning into a compassionate care-giver, and will make a great parent (or vet) some day.

(bounce flash. I'm getting the hang of it)

I also posted another light-painting photo. Kelly and I had a bit of fun in the back yard before bedtime.

Oh yes, and for those of you who've read this far, and were wondering about my super spy name...

#13: Hard Light shadows. And now we come to today. I should have gone out this morning with the camera, as the sun was brilliantly shining, and the shadows everywhere had crisp hard edges. But I didn't. So I took Nate into the bathroom with a flashlight, and had a bit of fun. I'll be posting one of these:

Oh phooey, speaking of Nate, I just realized that I won't be able to get him to Kung Fu in time. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

And now I must go and intervene in a fractions-and-ratios homework kafuffle.

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