Friday, January 14, 2011 "movement". Opinions?

It's an embarrassment of riches today.

The daily prompt is:

Let's play with movement today. Get a shot of something in motion. Freeze it or let it blur. It's up to you!

So I went up to the school this afternoon. Took Nate a Starbucks (sometimes, I think that he gets the short end of the stick, what with being the third kid. I've left him behind, and forgotten to take him places, and he isn't doing nearly the same amount of 'enrichment' stuff that I loaded Skip and Kelly up with when they were his age, because now I'm approaching 50, and I'm Just. Too. Pooped. So on occasion, I try to make him feel a little bit special, and not an afterthought) and got to school shortly into the Lunch Recess play time. Everyone had finished eating, so it was time to troll around, looking for 'movement'.

Oh, here's Starbucks Dude.

And here he is in motion

A few of the girls were playing on the glider.

More movement.

After the bell rang, I was set to do some math enrichment with the 3rd grade half of Nate's class, but something came up, which really deserves its own entry (note to self: Don't lose steam before you get that entry written tonight). Also? Photos!

But when that was done, I went into Nate's old class from last year, and checked on Toady and Superman. There was almost a half hour before the end of the day, so I asked Mrs. Henderson if the kids had had a chance to hold the toads yet.


Well, let's surprise them with a fun activity. A good way to end the week.


And Superman:

This year's toads are just massive compared to last years, and seem so much more hale and hearty. They're a good solid handful, and active? So very, VERY active. Superman up there? he's on the rain boot of one of the boys... after leaping out of my grasp about a half dozen times. They're just hoppy-jumpy, and unflappable. I was worried that they might get stressed and start oozing the white goo that says "stay away! I'm toxic!" but they just hopped around, and hopped around, and hopped from hand to hand, and it was a riot.

Oh. This just in. Nate had a kung fu seminar this evening. Nunchaku. Yay weapons!

And more movement!

How about this one?

Or this?

OK, there's your assignment. Which of the 'movement' photos should I use?

1. Nate on the playground

2. Blurry girl on the glider

3. Nate kicking

4. Nate swinging that weapon.


Edit: Dudes! The other folks who follow along on this site? Some of them are BRILLIANT!

Look here. No. Go now. I'll wait. I mean that's just so out of my league it's not funny, but I can't help looking to stuff like that... or THIS!... for inspiration.

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