Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goodnight, Souffle'

Over the last few months, Souffle', our Campbell's hamster, has been failing physically. First, he started getting this mange, and then he developed some weird neurological thing that made him all wobbly on his feet. He seemed to be able to eat and drink, and was social just the same as he always had been, so we just let things play out.

In the last few weeks, his fur has grown back all pretty (he had been pretty much nude from the waist down), and apart from the wobbly walk, he was looking hale and hearty.

Until yesterday.

Last night, Kelly told me that she thought Souffle had died. He didn't peek out of his den when she blew into his cage (the sign that treats were coming), and she thought it was more than just sleeping.

She was right.

Good night, Souffle. You were the gentlest of all the little hamsters.

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