Wednesday, January 12, 2011 "shiny"

So here's the prompt for today.

Make a photograph of something shiny or glossy, but not transparent. Emphasize the effect of the surface.

Didn't think I'd come up with anything fun...

Until I got to the ranch, and it was so gloriously sunny, and all the horses were so gloriously frisky in the warm sunshine, and they ALL knew that I had carrots, and, quite frankly, sometimes you're just lucky to get out alive.

But here. I give you Cookie's Eyeball. Just before she did the TSA security agent frisking thing with her big insistent horse-lips, looking for a carrot in all the wrong places.

And yes, I know that eyeballs are TECHNICALLY transparent, but it just looked like a big soft brown marble coming at me there.

ooh. Time for supper.

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