Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've been trolling around on the interwebs the last few days, mostly wasting time, but sometimes finding things that are really cool

(ok, pretty much everything I've been finding is really cool, but I need to start growing a backbone, and telling myself that not EVERYTHING needs to be looked at. One really cool thing a day is just fine, please).

One of the things I came across was this site called dailyshoot.com

It's pretty neat, and I like the baby-steps that I can take there. It's a daily prompt that you go out and shoot, and then tweet your response, which, through the magic of computers, shows up on their front page in a gallery of 'photos of the day'.

Apart from being a massive sucking time vortex, it's given me some great ideas, and I finally took the plunge today, and joined up.

Today's prompt was:

Make a photograph today that features or uses a liquid as a subject.

Of course, I hadn't taken my camera with me, but while I was waiting at the corner for Kelly and her friend to show up after school, the skies opened, and it started raining. I had my phone, and I was messing around with a Camera360 app that I'd just installed on it, and when I got home, I realized that one of the photos was pretty much as good as I could do to follow the prompt.

So instead of hemming and hawing, I just uploaded that puppy before I could change my mind, and linked it up.

It's a start.

More to talk about, but now it's time to put kids to bed.

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