Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Light Painting

Last night, just as I was getting ready to kick all the kids into bed, Nate reminded me that I'd *promised* that we would 'do sparklers' before bed.


So, with Nate and Kelly in their jammies, we headed out into the dark back yard. I'd found a pack of sparklers, and had used some of them for Skip's birthday cake on Saturday. It was time to empty the package.

But first, let's do some test shots with this little pen light I found in my purse.

See the elephant?

Yeah... i don't really, either. I always was a little behind the crowd in art class.

How about this pony, drawn by Kelly?

Well, at least I'm feeling a bit better about my elephant...

OK, let's see what we can do with a simpler shape...

This makes me feel happy. Yes it does. And you can see the trail of a passenger jet in the top right corner of the frame. A 6-second exposure will do that.

Now for some sky-writing.

Oh right. This was supposed to be about sparklers.

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