Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OPE 2: Rust

I took the Littles out to the ranch this afternoon (half days on Wednesdays) and Kelly spent an hour with Eddie, the Recalcitrant Pony, while Nate stayed in the van, pinching his nose shut (he doesn't really like the scents of the great outdoors), and working on his homework.

There's a good story there, filled with photos, but what I wanted to mention here is that I found this great rusty gate to photograph while Kelly was starting to bombproof Eddie.

The One Photo Everyday weekly photo prompt this week was "Rust", and i was pretty sure I wouldn't have a chance to go hunting for it, but it got dropped in my lap.

Here's a great rusty gate-latch.

Here, let's get in a little bit closer. I love how they have repurposed the old horse shoes.

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