Friday, February 03, 2006

26/52 ABC *B*

26/52 ABC *B* 2/3/2006
Another break from painting to give my arms a break.

Yes. I'm a Grade A wimp. With flabby grandma-arms.

A few B photos.

B is for....


(Ooh man, I can't believe I'm posting this. But suffice it to say, I doubt that it's ever been this bad. Things were moved around so the Window Guy could put a new window in over Christmas, and then things got stashed here when we had unexpected company. And then more stuff got stashed in the Lightning Round of cleaning that happened for the Chinese New Year dinner last weekend. Oh, and two birthdays, where we've been stashing stuff for the kids in our room. Yes. I'm all about making excuses instead of making time to fix it)

But just you wait. The after pictures tomorrow? They'll be stunning.

(if I'm not dead first)

And another BEFORE picture. Because I want to beat myself up like that.


What else starts with B?

B is for BLUES (comma, twelve-bar). Skip's really taken to playing blues and jazz. He'd FAR rather play out of his Blues books than anything "written by a dead guy".

In fact, if you've got a kid who's just losing interest with the basic piano lesson learning, I'd recommend the whole series:

We've got volumes 1 through 4, AND the CD that goes with them. I just did a search, and there's a Christmas edition, that I'm gonna hunt down for next year. Ooh. And duets?! I'm SO gonna find it, and see if I can work something up with Skip. What a hoot! And how more embarrassing could it be, playing a piano duet with YOUR MOTHER in a recital? Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

B is ALSO for BANE of my existence!!!!!

I'm getting a kink in my neck just THINKING about priming and painting that edge.

OK, I've officially wasted as much time as I can stomach. Those edges aren't going to paint themselves (much as I might pray that they would)

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