Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blankie watches more Olympics

Blankie watches more Olympics 2/11/2006
First, may I just say that there should be a law against eating an entire pound of prime rib in one sitting. Stuart Anderson's Black Angus, I salute thee.


Now, on to the knitting.

With three stripes nearly finished, Olympic Blankie gets going while watching the freestyle. Um, I think this is the Norwegian chick.

Then Skip came home from the snow day.

I should take a picture of his face. You can see quite clearly where he applied three stripes of sun screen with three fingers. Or, more correctly, you can see quite clearly where he did NOT apply sunscreen.


Then I knit some more.

ooh! The first successfully landed (or attempted?) triple axle throw in Olympic competition. And Blankie was there to cheer.

Then it was time to put Kelly and Nate to bed. Skip got to stay up a bit longer and polish off a loaf of bread. I do believe he's heading for another growth spurt.

More knitting.
clickety-clack, clickety-clack

[whispered aside: I went off with Nate to the LYS to pick up another ball of that plum cashmere yarn to continue the border on the blanket. I just had to buy ONE ball of yarn, let the record show. But I'd given Skip all my cash yesterday, so I only had two dollars, and I didn't want to pull out the credit card for a six dollar purchase... so I got a shopping basket. Just to make the purchase have a bit more weight. I've now got some nice microfibre pink variegated yarn for a scarf for next year's boutique, and some purple wool tweed twist for a hoodie for Kelly (just in case I finish Blankie before the closing ceremonies and neet to turn the Knitting Olympic Event into a biathlon.). And Nate loved the Lego corner in the LYS, so it was hard to pull him away. He'll be happy to go back, should I want to do that.]

Another stripe down, another chance for Blankie to ogle the speed skaters.

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